Matilda (1996), dir. Danny DeVito

I loveee Matilda so mucho mucho! Dimana ya bisa dapetin filmnya :D

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Harry Potter Facts

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The Late Resolution

This post is dedicated to the resolutions that are usually made in the beginning of every new year, but not necessarily being done. But there’s nothing wrong in imagining, right?? Hahaha

So in 2014, I wish I could be a superwoman. Whaaat? Hahaha nay. I wished that I could live my life to the absolute fullest kaya iklannya produk susu balita itu :D 

  • I want to finish a project that has been thought and has being started long long while ago but haven’t yet being fully done! Tag Ahmad Anshory, if you read this!! Hahahaha
  • Then I want to graduate this year ya Allah amin amin amin, with a specific goal that I will not mention here, but amin amin amin!
  • And I also want to find what I wanted in life. Basically I wanna be happy, but lots of ways can lead to happiness right? For a hint, I actually don’t want to work in the major that I am now (still, amazingly) studying.
  • I wanna go abroad. Period.
  • I want to make my room comfier and cuter, and I have been planning to buy, or make, this cute furry carpet that I saw on instagram. (is this even a resolution at all? hahhaa)
  • I wanna get acquainted with people, I wanna know better the people that I have acquainted with, I want to be friends with people that I have known, and I wanna love my friends more.
  • My family! I wanna make them proud.
  • I wanna get married (whaaaat?) hahahahaa kidding. Not this year at least :))
  • I wanna learn French! Badly. My sister’s and mine goal towards me learning French is that to talk things that Dhika will not understand because he’s a 4th grader now and he understands what we’re saying in English. Woops. But even with not considering our first (naughty) idea, I wanna learn 1 new foreign language. 

Haha I cannot think anything else, because I write spontaneously most of the times, so, yes. I think that’s the new year’s late resolutions that can come up to my mind in 20 minutes of writing the post. Cheerios!


If you think that buying counterfeit goods is simply a way to get brand name goods at a cheaper price, think again. From exploited labour being used to produce counterfeits to its links to funding other organized criminal activities – this $250 billion a year crime affects us all

Please share this new video from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) which invites you to take a “Look Behind” at the dire repercussions of counterfeiting.

Ga pernah kepikiran kalo beli barang yang ga ori alias palsu (woops) bisa ngedukung terrifying things, like criminal activities! 

This is exactly how I want my home to be like :D Amin!

This is exactly how I want my home to be like :D Amin!

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